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"The Al Khatib Trial takes place under difficult conditions due to the pandemic. Especially for the public it is difficult to follow the trial, of which there are no verbatim records. ThereforeI think it's great that many people can get detailed information about the trial despite travel restrictions."

Patrick Kroker, civil parties lawyer in Koblenz
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"It's the voices. One could also write about violence, horror, and fear, do video documentaries. But hardly anything could be as enthralling and intensive as the voices of people who are given the space, time, to tell their stories. Branch251, the podcast about Syrian atrocity crimes on trial is a gripping way to make you curious for the details, stories, lives, which is the best any any coverage dealing with this topic can achieve."

Christoph Reuter, journalist at Der Spiegel and Syria expert
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"Branch 251 is essential for anyone who wants to keep up to date with the first trial worldwide on crimes committed in Syrian prisons. Informative and sensitive."

Anna Fleischer, Syria Program Coordinator Heinrich-Böll-Foundation
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"I've spent the past week binging the Branch251 Podcast, a riveting chronicle of the ongoing trial of Syrian intelligence officials in Germany, charged with torture in Assad regime prisons. Incredible, sensitive work."

Avi Asher Shapiro, journalist at Thomson Reuters Foundation
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"Deeply touching: @Branch_251 lets witnesses & lawyers of the Koblenz "Al Khatib Trial" have their say, whose touching statements show how important it is to take action against crimes against humanity in #Syria. #MustListenTo"

Bente Scheller, Head of Middle East and North Africa Division at the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation
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"In my opinion, the podcast added a new dimension and a great horizon, and it did a good job regarding the issue of justice in Syria, especially its follow-up to the file of the Koblenz court, because listening is easier than reading and can save time for it, and because of it thousands have listened to the voice of justice about Syria."

Emily Moran
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"The victim witnesses at the Syria trial in Koblenz are writing legal history. The podcast Branch 251 reports continuously, persistently and on a high level".

Ronen Steinke, journalist at Süddeutsche Zeitung
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"Branch 251 is an invaluable addition to the coverage of the Koblenz trial in Germany. It sheds light on the legal controversies surrounding the trial and touches on the very human impacts of a Syrian trial of global proportions."

Roger Lu Philips, Legal Director at the Syria Justice and Accountability Centre (SJAC)
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"Branch 251 plays a key role in taking technical legal developments and making them easy to follow. By unpacking why cases like the Koblenz trial matter, the podcast furthers the accountability and justice debate, while centering the voices of Syrian advocates and survivors."

Mai el-Sadany, Legal and Judicial Director at the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP)
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“I listen to Branch 251 every week and scroll thru the show notes for more information. This is a hugely important resource for any one following this historic trial in Koblenz. There is no other way to keep up with the trial from afar. The podcast Branch 251 is a journalistic treasure. Essential listening.”

Deb Amos, Middle East correspondent for NPR News
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"Branch 251 is very informative and handles the different aspects of the trial. It’s very important to continue because through it, we don’t only hear what’s happening at the trial, but also hear the victims themselves as well as experts."

Luna Watfa, Syrian journalist following the Koblenz trial

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