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Branch 251 is a dual-language production. Our team is young and diverse.

The first episode of Branch 251 aired just five days after the start of the Al-Khatib trial, also known as the Koblenz trial. Fritz, a human rights lawyer who has been active in the Syrian advocacy space for years, recognised the significance of the case, and, more acutely, the need for regular, easily accessible updates of the proceedings.

Today, more than a year later, a team of producers, hosts and writers continues to make Branch 251 and its Arabic-language counterpart. By catering to both English and Arabic speakers, Branch 251 is not only able to reach a wider audience, but also the people who need to hear about the trial the most: Syrians. This story belongs to them.

Look out for season three of Branch 251, and season two of, coming to you in fall 2021.

Our Team:

Fritz Streiff - host, executive producer & founder

Fritz is a human rights lawyer with a focus on investigations and case-building in the fields of atrocity crimes and anti-corruption. International justice is his big passion. Though podcasts follow pretty closely. He is currently based in Paris, France.

Noor Hamadeh - host

Noor Hamadeh is a Syrian American international lawyer. Her work is focused on justice in Syria and on corporate accountability worldwide. Noor is now based in Washington D.C.

Hannah el-Hitami - court reporter

Hannah is a German-Egyptian freelance journalist focused on sociopolitical topics from West Asia and North Africa, as well as migration and human rights issues. She has worked for the Amnesty Journal and published in Der Spiegel, Al Jazeera, Justice Info, among others. She is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

Saleem Salameh - Arabic series producer

Saleem Salameh is an independent writer, filmmaker and podcast producer. Saleem joined multiple Arabic podcast platforms and released seven different podcasts. He also trains newcomers and human rights activists on scriptwriting and podcast making. He is currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Pauline Peek - English series producer

Pauline Peek is a research assistant, producer and history student who also happens to possess a bachelor’s degree in singing. Originally from the Netherlands, she now lives in Berlin, Germany.

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